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I don't like journal-spamming- or writing journals at all lately, really- but enough has happened that I didn't want to try cramming it in to the comment section of a post and spam there. Most people reading this will already know all this, but I thought I'd post for the one or two people who hadn't heard. I'll try to keep it short.

I finished my job in Yellowstone about two weeks ago.
I don't know if I mentioned it here, but my job (dish washer) changed after three weeks in a sort-of promotion (Employee Dining Room, EDR, crew) and again a few weeks after that with an actual promotion and slight raise (EDR shift lead). I miss the park and some of the people there, but there were certainly frustrating aspects of the job and I got hurt while working, which I'll elaborate on later.
I took about a week getting back to my parents to visit friends and my sisters. Tawadi (and her dog, Bud) ended up caravaning back with me in an impromptu road-trip, so that made things a bit more fun and interesting. We even stopped by Zion for a bit, but couldn't stay long due to schedules and keeping Bud happy.

My laptop died two weeks before I left Yellowstone.
I'm building a gaming desktop with the help of friends soon, and was hoping to make my four year old laptop last a few more weeks until it's done.
After getting back from visiting Tawadi two weeks before leaving Yellowstone, I came back to a dead screen. Luckily a good portion of the data was able to be transferred to the laptop I got last week, so I'll be able to move it form this laptop to the desktop, but some WIP art files may have been lost and I lost a lot of game data. I'm also trying to get used to typing on a tiny keyboard with an injury.

I didn't graduate. 
Due to.... I don't even know... I ended up one elective credit short of getting my Bachelor's degree. I attempted to make sure everything with my graduation application was set by going in 5-7 times to talk to counselors and emailing/calling my counselor twice, but my counselor never replied and the others said I was fine. It was a very painful shock to receive the letter saying I hadn't graduated and I'm still really upset about it. I'm working on fixing it, but I really don't want to elaborate on this one.

Tawadi and I are visiting TheCriticalFail and Lorcan03 in the UK.
Tawadi and I are spending two and a half weeks in the UK to see people and explore Wales, England, and Ireland. Okay, I'll be exploring since it's my fisrt time outside North America, but if noting else, Tawadi will have fun showing me Soul Eater and laughing at me as I fall over or have my hair searched at airport security when we're not with TCF or Lorcan.
I'm super excited.

I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel.
Broken/Very, very Bad
Remember that injury I mentioned in the Yellowstone section? This explains my sudden lack of drawings.
In my department, I was by far the strongest female and one of the strongest employees in general there, which meant I did a lot of the lifting, in addition to cooking, cutting, and cleaning. I had some minor problems with my right hand from drawing a few months before going to Yellowstone but working caused more pain and accelerated the problem in both wrists. I first saw a doctor about in in mid-July and have been wearing two wrist braces nearly 24/7, and using ace wraps while I sleep. The pain eventually dulled, but returns when I take my braces off or doing something like washing my hands. Last week, I saw a real doctor (see: doctor outside the park) and was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in both wrists.
I don't know how bad it will be long-term yet, but having Carpal Tunnel at all, particularly at my age, causes pretty significant problems. I can't shouldn't lift a lot of things I used to do with ease, I can't bend my wrists with the braces on (typing is oh so fun on a little keyboard while wearing braces), I get pity for it, and it makes drawing really difficult and painful since I take my braces off to try and draw.
I start physical therapy in two days; hopefully that will help and make drawing possible again.

Some other stuff has happened, good and bad, mostly the latter, but those are far more personal and I won't go into it here, though I don't expect this to be read by anyone but me. I will say that Buddy is basically all better, I am/was making progress on Delta's super-reference sheet, and I'm still campaigning with the group, which is awesome and often makes really sucky things suck a little less, so yay for those.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day (and has better wrists than I).
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