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'Sup guys?

I thought I'd take full advantage of dA's Free Premium Membership Day, so now you're all stuck with a notification in your inbox's about a pointless journal filled with my various thoughts. Poor you. (This journal is more pink than I expected, but meh.) I'll try to organize this by topic, that way anyone actually reading this can skip the boring parts. Topics will include my life, campaign things, things I want to draw/write/art, and possibly random ranting or thoughts, but I'm focusing on campaign things. Onwards to the journal!

Campaign Things

As anyone reading this probably knows, I've been part of Coofoo6's Fallout-based roleplaying game, Purge of the Wastes, for the better part of a year. I can't seem to find the exact day I joined (artwork says June 2013, but I swear I joined at least in May, maybe late April? Anyways, you get the idea) and the campaign ended on March 18th, 2014. I must say those ~10 months were. Freaking. AWESOME. According to Roll20, the website we play on, as of today (7 April, 2014) I have spent 553 hours in game, either actually playing, learning rules, or just hanging out with my fellow players and I'd say at least 500 of those hours were filled with nothing but good times and shenanigans.  And killing raiders and stuff. So, good times and shenanigans! My fellow players were amazing, the GM was great, I loved the story, and I feel comfortable saying that RPG's have claimed another victim/volunteer and the Dice Gods gained a servant of their will. ("And Players will rejoice when receiving the highest honour that may be bestowed upon them- a natural 20" Twenty Sided 1d:20) If you've never been part of RPG's before, I encourage you to try it at least once if you have the time; they're great fun.

We've started another campaign called City of the Stars (CotS), but I'll try and keep my ramblings to PotW. No promises though.


Now for a short* rambling about my characters from PotW.

*May not actually be short

Dr. Noorjehan Kapoor was the first character I created for the game. Extremely interested in the physical sciences and extremely bad at interacting with other humans, she was an all-around egghead competent at hacking and repair who ended up specializing in medicine and science to become the team healer. Most of the team saw her as a walking medkit (I think), but she contributed in other ways as well (or so I tell myself), some of which I won't go into detail about as the other characters/players never figured out what she was doing, i.e., The Pitt and Sebastian. Her social skills were improving, despite what the team and players thought and shortly before she died, she thought she had finally learned enough to use the title "Doctor" that her "easy and somewhat worthless" degree from Vault 101 had given her several years before. She never got to use her title, but that didn't matter to her, only that she had earned it.

She was 26 at the start, but I always messed up and thought of her as 27, so to make things easier for me, I gave her a birthday and upped her age. She was blown up by a teammate before her birthday had ended. I'm not mad about that, in fact, I thought it helped contribute to the story a bit, but I am sad she died. She was my first character and I loved her (still do, but for the sake of this journal, I'll keep it past tense) despite all her social issues. I've made other characters since then, a few while she was still alive, but she'll always have a special place on my grand character sheet as being my first RP character.

Whisper was/is a young and powerful psionic user and plot device, given to me by the GM when Noor died. Overwhelmed and terrified at what was happening around him but caring and willing to help, Whisper definitely had a hand in restoring peace to the Wasteland. He wasn't with the party (in person) long and a bit of trouble adjusting to being with other people after spending 5-6 years alone in the dark, but adapted well and ended up friends with most of the party and some NPC's.

He was really fun to play and I was honoured to be trusted with a plot device. Maybe I'll be trusted with the plot again in future games! (I doubt it after all the blundering about I did, but I can hope or try to convince the GM.)

I loved both characters (and my more fully developed back-up character Zo, who I'm playing in CotS), but I think the biggest problem I had with both was trying to work out their personalities. I could think about them all I want outside the game but in-character actions and dialog was the best way to figure out who they were. That meant my fellow players had to put up with my bumbling about, but luckily they were usually pretty tolerant of my fails. I'm going to try and work with our GM to figure out ways to speed the process of learning the character for future games, so maybe I won't be as much of a problem next time.
(Hey Mitch, now that I've got you burred in a huge wall of text, I feel like I can sneak this in without too many people seeing it and getting spoilers. I changed some names in Zo's backstory. Phineas is the same, but the other two are now Andromeda and Orion, to fit the star theme a bit more. It might not matter, but I thought I'd tell you just in case.)

Other Campaign Thoughts

I could go on for ages about the campaign, but I'll try to wrap it up with part of a note I sent the GM at the end of the game, in case my feeling about the game weren't clear from the last several paragraphs.

"99/10, would roleplay again. The last time I was this emotionally attached to anything was Sherlock, and if that doesn’t tell you how much I was invested in the game, I’m not sure I will ever find the right words to explain it properly. This campaign was the highlight of my life almost since the first session and was often the only thing I felt I could regularly look forward to during particularly stressful weeks. No exaggeration or joking in that last sentence, this campaign truly was the best part of my life for the better part of a year. I had my doubts as to how much I would enjoy it, but I’m so glad you kept poking me about joining. (...)

P.S. Thanks for the super amazing first campaign (again). I mean it."

Seriously guys, I had a blast. And if you've never tried RPG's before, give it a go!

Life Updates

I'll try to keep this fairly short, but I'm not good at doing that...

  • I'm getting my Bachelor's in psychology at the end of May.
  • I start a job in Yellowstone National Park at the beginning of June.
  • School is really stressful (but I have the campaign and players to help keep me sane. ....... ish.)
  • I enjoy most of my classes right now, but some make me want to smack people.
  • Did I mention school is busy and stressful, making it difficult to art?
  • Buddy is doing well. He can be ridden now and will be allowed to trot soon. The little girl who used to lease him and stopped may lease him again to do dressage, yay!

Uh... I think that's all I've got. Did I miss anything?

Artsy Things

Just a list and quick description of things I want/need to draw/write. Expect to see these over the next few months, feel free to bother me until I finish them!

"Whispers in the Dark- Silence" and "Whispers in the Dark- Fear" - Two short stories covering part of Whisper's life before escaping Vault 7.
"Legends Scatter" - Drawing of the surviving party from PotW.
"Brilliant Lights" - Drawing of the fallen party members from PotW.
Zo reference - Self explanatory.
Delta's Reference - Combination of art and text, otherwise self explanatory.
Acid comic - Fester comic based on a conversation Tawadi and I had.
April Fools - Delta and Thomas
CotS things - Mostly drawings
CotS/Seb-Malika & Zo comic - Comic based on the test game.
Aardvell references- Self explanatory.
Gift art for various people - TBA
More art about other characters of mine - Chris, Pixie, Aza, Cyrus, etc.
Other things people want me to draw/write - TBA

Final Thoughts (For Now)

I have music that I associate with the campaigns, but I didn't list it here to avoid making this journal even longer. So instead I'm just telling you it's a thing. Huh. Not much logic here.
I've been pretty busy, but life should calm down for a month in a month, then get crazy a month after than, then maybe calm down again. I hope.
Props to anyone who read the whole thing! Heck, props if you even read part of it. Let me know if you want me to draw you things for putting up with my nonsense and I'll draw it when I can.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a lovely day! Have some features and stay awesome you guys!


Some features from some of my friends (who are fairly active)! Go check them out, they all have lots of great things, both visual and literary! You guys are awesome, keep it up!

Angels and Demons - Thomas and Lillian by mimmime Sunburn by sed4tive PotW Cover by Coofoo6 Spaceport: The Hotpot by Harley-Quinn-Morgan Doum Junior Courser Title AT by galianogangster
 Can you feel their haunting presence? by thunderbulletzKoba v Rober by MegalemonA more Realistic Wolf by LoneWolfMark Tch by Tawadi  past friends... present foes... by idontrunntoofast

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