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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 2, 2015, 12:28 AM
Time for my once-a-year journal!
So, I haven't posted in two months. Yes, I've been busy and/or broken, but I still don't like that I have two whole months without a single post. 

That's going to change and I'm going to get back into drawing.

There's a 30 day art challenge thing I'm going to do for October (starting Friday or Saturday and making up for the missed day or days since I'm too busy before then) and hopefully that will get the rust off my hand without destroying it.

It'll be an expression challenge and I'm going to use different characters to try out different features, races, etc. If you want to guarantee your character makes and appearance (or any character in particular), let me know and I'll throw them in. If you want a certain day, I'll make sure they're done then. (Aardvell character and Void already guaranteed to be in.)

And the 30 expressions will be:
  1. hasn’t slept in 48 hours
  2. tasted something gross
  3. in a long, slow line at the DMV
  4. listening to blind date talk about their ex
  5. reading YouTube comments
  6. favorite song just came on
  7. song they hate just came on
  8. had their favorite show spoiled
  9. just fell in love (a.k.a. “Dreamweaver face”)
  10. saw a wasp
  11. had a fist fight (they won)
  12. had a fist fight (they lost)
  13. food coma
  14. hello darkness, my old friend
  15. “was that Batman?”
  16. forgot what they were about to say
  17. “oh no, they’re hot…”
  18. their best friend’s cooking is not as good as they think
  19. brainfreeze!
  20. texted the wrong person
  21. check out this box of kittens/puppies/bunnies/ducklings/whatever’s cutest to them!
  22. their favorite TV show character dies
  23. having an increasingly awkward conversation with Bob of Modus Operandi  ((Changing, not sure what the new one will be. Suggestions?))
  24. parent/guardian is showing their baby pictures
  25. stepped on a Lego
  26. stepped on an Eggo… you know… the waffle
  27. 102 degrees indoors and there’s no A/C
  28. watching the end of The Iron Giant… or maybe the opening to Up… or w-when Shadow is stuck in Homeward Bound…??
  29. woken up out of a dead sleep
  30. nailed it.
List from tumblr. I caved and joined since there's a lot of good art there and dA seems to have a lot more butts than usual.

Characters required- Chris, Pixie, Silva, An, Noor, Zna, Brim, Koba, King, Rober, Ikhara, Selena

Anyways, what's everyone been up to?

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: YouTube Let's Plays
  • Reading: My math "homework"

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